For whom?

In first instance, the NL-OPENSCREEN facility is intended for use by academic researchers. They will be asked to contribute to the costs for consumables needed for execution of the various assays. Reduced cost access is limited; screening proposals will be selected on basis of excellence and will be selected by the Screening Selection Committee.

Assay development and cheminformatics services will be provided at cost price. Hit validation and ligand kinetics services will be provided where not provided by PPSC. Services to commercial parties will be offered depending on needs and the size of requests on reasonable terms and competitive market pricing. 

The costs for academic researchers to perform an uHTS with 250,000 molecules will be full-cost (contact Pivot Park Screening Centre). This will cover the material costs and the share of the equipment servicing costs for those screens.

Small and medium enterprises that have promising targets but who do not have the know-how and infrastructure to develop an assay can receive assistance with assay development and can use NL-OPENSCREEN facilities for competitive market pricing. Established pharmaceutical industry may use NL-OPENSCREEN facilities after approval of the Screening Selection Committee and Managament Board.

All research data generated through reduced cost access services must be made available through 'open access' after an optional embargo period. Only services provide at market rates can be kept confidential although 'open access' is encouraged.